Hello and welcome to my world of baked goods. My name is Emilie Cree and I am so excited to speak to you, meet you, collaborate with you, and bake for you! 

I love to stay fit and often joke that I am active in order to bake. I have been baking for as long as I can remember. My Nana is an unbelievably talented self-taught cook, and I was in the kitchen with her as often as possible growing up. I am very proud to be walking in her footsteps, now being a self-taught baker myself. Though she prefers to cook and I prefer to bake, I've learned all the basics from her and am forever grateful. 

Baking to me is an expression of creativity, it is art and it is therapy. I love to create beautiful baked goods, but as a rule every item must taste better than it looks. Baking is my form of meditation and one of my favourite things about it is sharing with people I love and seeing big beautiful smiles on their faces when I hand them something yummy. 

Though I offer seasonal cookies, cupcakes, and various treats, I also take custom orders. So send me an e-mail, message me on Instagram, let's get creating! 


Scrumptious ideas...

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E-mail me for more information or to book a consult. 


Let's talk ideas, themes, budget, and flavours!

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